Internal Loop Recorder

An Implantable Loop Recorder (IRL) is a small thin device that is inserted under the skin to record the electrical activity of heart. It can be useful in identifying the cause of blackouts when other tests have been inconclusive and when symptoms are too infrequent to be detected by the R-test monitor. It can be activated when a blackout occurs and the results are then interpreted in the clinic or via a home monitoring system.

 Reveal Loop Wearing the Reveal Loop  Carelink  System


Our Team

in alphabetical order

Ms Lisa Byrne
Cinical Nurse Specialist, Falls and Blackouts Service

Dr Conal Cunningham
Clinical Director, Medicine for the Elderly Directorate ...

Ms Helen Fitzpatrick
PA to Professor Kenny

Professor Rose Anne Kenny
Director of Mercer's Institute for Successful Agei ...

Ms Nicola O Doherty
Clinic Co-ordinator, Falls and Blackouts Unit

Ms Ciara Rice
Clinical Nurse Manager, Falls and Blackouts Unit/Resear ...

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